The Greatest Love…..

I am always being asked by clients, friends and everyone else, what my favorite product is.

When it comes to skin care I am in love beyond love with the amazing Cream de La Mer.

When the product first hit the market I could tell when a client sat in the make up chair if they were using it. La Mer gave results like nothing else, skin radiated such a glowing beauty, and every celeb had her fingers in it!

These days you dont hear about it quite as much, but the product still packs the most fabulicious punch. Its magic in a jar when dealing with a tricky or troubled skin, especially when skin is dehydrated or looking a little dull.

On photoshoots when we need a little help, it gives me instant results and breathes such life into the skin, which then makes make up look fantastic.

Personally I use it as my rescue product. I never fly anywhere without it. On longhaul international flights its the only thing on my skin, and I may reapply a couple of times throughout the flight. Even after 14 hours in the air from LA to Sydney my skin arrives looking radiant and immaculate!

Any time my skin needs some extra lovin, any time I’m looking tired, any time my world needs a boost, I turn to my Cream de La mer. Its divine, its perfection, its true love, and when you open the jar you get bathed in magic white light, and the angels sing…..


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