The Bra Tree

Recently I was at a convention and stumbled across a booth that was quite intriguing!

Actually, it was all the lingerie on display that caught my attention. Beautiful bras of all colors and fabrics, displayed in a way that made it so easy to see each piece. The different shapes and styles each standing out from one another in a clean, uncluttered way.
Now, I have a love of lingerie that although is not as extreme as the shoe thing, is still somewhat overwhelming. (A girl should always have fresh cut flowers, killer lingerie, and endless high heels…), so I was so busy checking them out that I didn’t realize the booth was selling the display device and not the garments themselves

Its called the Bra Tree, and works on the principal that you hang all your bras. I recently aquired some extra drawer space, so haven’t made the leap, but isn’t it cool?

You can check it out at

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