Gentlemen, start your engines!

One of my favorite temptations in Las Vegas is the divine emporium of naughtiness, Agent Provocateur.

For the uninitiated, this is not quite (well hopefully not quite) your mother’s bra shop. In fact, I would describe it as a luxury lingerie store with a big, heaping spoonful of wicked sprinkled on top!

Agent P is a British import, and has locations nationwide, but not in Phoenix, so I meander on down there when in Sin City. Their clever, drop dead sexy merchandise has been immortalized in print ads featuring Kate Moss. Their fare is titillating yet tasteful, not Fredericks and not Trashy L.

Their window displays are frequently hilarious

The dressing rooms are boudoir style with lace walls, and softly lit, so we all look fabulous and feel comfortable.

I walked into Agent this trip and was greeted by the store mannequin wearing a leopard print cat mask, a corset and a knowing smile. All of which would have been a great sales tool if her plastic eyes hadn’t been all wonky, making her look like a cross between a rabid feline and a homicidal maniac. No matter where I was in the store I could feel her demented stare burning holes in my back.
However, she did get me thinking about corsets. And the corsets they are showing this season are beautiful. Black corsets, pink corsets, beige corsets. Something for everyone from sexy to feminine to super cool. Some were wicked and to be hidden under your clothes (or not!), some to be worn with a great pair of jeans and some cracking high heels.
They had a fabulous see through trench coat too, and were showing it with the bathrobes and peignoirs.

I love that the staff are so fun and friendly. I watched them helping men select pieces of perfection for their girlfriends, and put them completely at ease while discussing the naughty stuff. You’ve gotta admire a fellow who finds his way to buy sexy undies for his girl at Agent P instead of the Hustler store!

Every girl should know that its really rather empowering wearing fine lingerie, no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing.
If you’re in Las Vegas, make sure you go check out Agent Provocateur at the Forum Shops at Ceasar’s Palace, and maybe pick yourself up a little piece of fabulicious….

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    Cool post!

    — Hari Chengalath

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