One of the things that Will and I have been working on lately is the pageant scene. Its really super good fun.
We’ve been working with a delightful girl named Monica on a variety of pageants.

This weekend we did two pageants with Monica, and were able to do all kinds of fun hair and make up.

Here’s little miss M on the first day.
She was going to be wearing an absolutely divine green and black dress that was quite sophisticated and needed the full beauty look to go with it.
The venue wasn’t large, and what I had to think about makeup-wise was how to have her carry off the fabulous dress and not be owned by it, while knowing that the judges would be quite close, making any makeup seem huge.

I used some MAC shadows and pigments to create the look. First up, a base color to go from brow to lashline. I used a shade called Grain.

Next I wanted to incorporate the deep green from the dress, but not match it, so I used a MAC pigment in Night Light, and gradually built the color over the lid area.
To give the eye added dimension and drama I needed something in a deep tone in the crease and outer corner. I didn’t want to go as heavy as a black as that would be too overpowering with the judges seeing her from such a close proximity, so I used a color called Smut.
Love that name! Smut, Smut Smut!!! (I wish I had the job of naming eyeshadow colors – oooh there’d be some badness!)
I built the crease up slowly, again making sure that I wasn’t using too heavy of a hand.

I smoked the liner to soften the look and pull it all together, then used some Pro lash Mascara and a strip of false lashes. (after all, its just not a party without lashes!)

Monica is such a pro in the make up chair! She can sit still and keep her eyes still for ages.

We were watching the endless coverage of the Michael Jackson story unfolding while in the hair and make up room, so the usual levity was broken up with moments of sadness.
That’s Will behind her tending to her tresses.

Isn’t she just gorgeous?

The dress was exquisite. I want one!

Day 2 of the pageant had all kinds of events, from interview to dance, to the grand finale.

I opted for a softer look with the make up. Still lashes (of course lashes!) but a much softer, younger eye. I love colored glosses, and tend to use them half to death, but they really do give such a soft and pretty mouth.

What do ya know? She won!!!

Monica is much more than just a pretty face though, which is part of the reason that Will and I just adore working with her.
She leads a very busy high school life. She is on the varsity cheer team (I have no idea what that actually means, but it sounds good!), in September she is returning to school as President of the Senior Class, she is captain of the Arizona Western College Jazz team, is an A student, a red cross lifeguard, and she has MS.
That’s right – Multiple Sclerosis. And you would never know it. She couldn’t be blamed for opting out of everything and feeling sorry for herself, but instead she has chosen to grab life by the horns and get everything possible out of it!
Monica has such a winning attitude. She wants to learn about everything and then master it.
I love that!

She has a fabulous family who travel to support her in her pageants. When I asked her why she keeps doing pageants she told me that she likes to work hard to accomplish something, and feels that win or lose she comes away from pageants gaining life skills as well as poise and extra confidence. And they’re fun!
She plans on going to college to study Marketing and Public Relations.

Isn’t she great? She tells me that she “just doesn’t let MS get in her way”. I think she’s quite the inspiration!

Will and I have become so vested in her winning, and if not winning, then at least having a blast doing it. And like her family, we too are so very proud of her.

I just wish the winner got three tiaras – Will and I would wear ours with pride, style and flair!

One last look.

Today Miss Arizona Teen, tomorrow the world!


  1. June 30, 2009 / 2:27 am

    Amazing girl…and beautiful makeup/hair work/team! Congrats!

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