Here Comes The Bride…

This is the time of the year where wedding season is in full swing. Throughout the year I do many weddings, plenty of which wind up in Bridal Magazines and on Wedding TV shows.
So today I figured why not touch on the subject in a blog?

One of the things that a girl needs to give some thought to when planning her wedding and her wedding budget is the whole issue of hair and make up. Whether to do her own, have her cousin/neighbor/friend do it for free, or whether to hire in some pro’s.

Regardless of whether you’re having a little backyard wedding, or whether you’ve hired out the local cathedral, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you get a pro hairdresser and a pro make up artist on board for the big day. When you consider how much money is going to be spent on the dress, the venue, the photographer etc, it only makes sense to invest a little in how you will look in said dress, at said venue, being immortalized by said photographer!

So here are some things to think about

*Your make up needs to last all day and all night. So long as the festivities are happening, you need to be looking fabulous. A pro will be able to make that happen.

*Ideally your make up should have a timeless quality to it. In 10 years time you don’t want to look at those pictures on the wall and be thinking how dated you look. You want to just see a beautiful girl who is enhanced by the make up she is wearing and not owned by it.

*The day of the wedding there is a lot going on. The time spent in the hair and make up chairs is so relaxing, and in fact will be the only zen time you get that day!

*A pro make up artist will be able to read the lighting and amend the make up accordingly. Hard sunlight, cloud cover, soft light etc each require a different touch with make up.

* A pro make up artist will be able to use airbrush on you. This is the most advanced technology, and the most beautiful form of foundation available. No matter who you are, how great or not great your skin is, no matter what age you are, your skin will look gorgeous in airbrush make up!

* Pro’s have access to products that regular folks don’t. Pro make up products last longer, hold up to the elements longer, don’t get patchy or change color as the day wears on, and are designed to be used with photography and videography. These are the products used on models and celebrities to keep them looking flawless, so why not you too?

If you are interested in learning some wedding day make up tips, tips on which products to have with you on the day, and how to choose a make up artist and hairdresser for your wedding day, please let me know. I will happily write as many wedding blogs as you want to read!


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