Lovin Me Some Feather Lashes…

This weekend was a big one in makeup-land.
I had a huge fashion shoot at Studio5 with genius fashion photographer Kelly Cappelli.
Director John Wischmeyer (the Wischdoctor) was there directing some behind the scenes rock-u-mentary footage, and piggy backing on that we shot the first installments of a series or “how to” makeup tutorials.

All in all it was a pretty significant production day!

The day started with Lea Cappelli in hair for an hour or so. Kristin Isaac was our hair diva, and in my opinion gets the MVP award for crazy brilliance on this shoot!
Lea is not only one of the most remarkable models a makeup artist can be blessed to shoot with, but is also a phenominal recording artist.
In true rock n roll style her day wasn’t just a fashion shoot – once her hair was complete, and might I say, it was quite the do, producer Myles Lancette had to take her away to the recording studio to rehearse some songs they’re tracking in the next week or so.
Then she was back to me for makeup – a very long day before we even started shooting, and most of it happening on-camera no less! But she’s a pro and just rolls with it.

Next up I was in hair for a little coiffing, as I too had a considerable on-camera day ahead of me.

Throughout the day I tried to keep posting on facebook and twitter.

Next stop wardrobe. Most productions keep a pretty tight reign on what everyone is wearing. The stylists put together a bunch of outfits and accessories, and with the director/ photographer decide whats going to be worn. We had two productions shooting basically simultaneously, as well as a fashion shoot.

They chose this cool Motor Mayhem shirt for me to wear. I was pretty happy about that, and got to keep it (yay!).
But I should mention at this point, that in the picture you can see some leather chaps with something like “Sheriff’s Posse” on them. I had a moment of true cold fear thinking they were gong to try and dress me in them! Thankfully the chaps were for another shoot!!!

can you even believe how spectacular Tamara is with no makeup on???

Meanwhile model Tamara Anthony, who is just ridiculously beautiful and doesn’t seem to realize it, had been in hair and was ready for makeup. Part of the day’s shoot was getting some makeup tutorials in, so I had final touch ups, and was ready to go. (I’m actually wearing the Chloe gloss from Julie Hewett that I told you about the other day)

So here we are shooting, my set is actually the makeup room. Nothing like keeping it real!

Where possible I want to shoot the “how to” spots on a live set when we’re doing something fashion based.

Once the makeup segment was finished shooting I amped up Tamara’s makeup and put on these completely crazy fabulous feather lashes. Oh yeah!

Me with Tamara and Kelly

We had a few minutes to chill, and then Lea arrived back and got in the makeup chair. (She never, ever complains. Not ever. No matter how long her day is. And some of them are soooo long!)

Here we are, ready to go

Finally the photoshoot starts!

And oooohh!!! Look what we got!!!

I’ll try to upload more tomorrow…




  1. July 14, 2009 / 12:49 am

    Wow!! Incredible stuff!

  2. November 25, 2009 / 10:05 am

    Interesting post.

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