Summer Makeup 101

I have had tons of people asking me via this blog, facebook, twitter etc for some makeup tutorials. So we decided that we would film some when we were on real shoots, so you could see the makeup happening and see a little bit of the behind the scenes action too.
Keeping it real.

The day we shot this segment was pretty wild! We did it at Studio5 (my home away from home). It was 115 degrees out, which is somewhat miserable, and about 20 minutes after we all arrived the power grid went down in that part of Scottsdale for almost 2 hours! Consequently our climate controlled studio turned into an oven! It never was able to quite cool down again that day. So as you watch this video, know that we all had sweat rolling down our backs, our gorgeous hairdos got wild with the humidity, and we ended up having to shoot way deep into the night…

The edits couldn’t be completed on time, so you are seeing a semi rough cut. We actually had so much information in there that we ended up splitting it into 6 segments.

The first tutorial I wanted to give you was on summer makeup. Here we are, smack bang in the middle of summer, so there’s no time like the present!
I was able to include segments that show you how to use some of the JulieHewett products that I’ve written about too, so that you can really take advantage of the summer discount that the company has extended to my readers. (and because thats what I’ve actually been using…)

Summer makeup needs to be soft and fresh and a little shimmery. You definitely don’t want to be overwhelming the face with heavy makeup.

This is a picture from the photoshoot itself, shot by the amazing Kelly Cappelli
Our model, Mallory, was a doll, so inspite of the heat we all had a blast!

Last look at the Zoe eyes and cheeks.

Don’t forget to go to Julie Hewett’s website click here and at the checkout enter the code SUM20.
You will get 20% off anything and everything you order. You can order as much or as little as you want. Make sure you read her bio too – its fabulous!

Have a beautiful day!


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  1. July 28, 2009 / 12:45 am

    Corinna…love your blog! I truly appreciate all the work that you have done creating it.. xxoo Leslie

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