When A Good Girl Needs A Big Boost…

Ooohh! I’ve got a favorite new thing!!!

I am always telling girls that your make up will never look fabulous unless you really, really take extra good care of your skin.
Nothing in beauty-land is more important than a great complexion , so I am always on the lookout for new, exciting, fabulous skin care products. And guess what? I just found something really special!

My new favorite thing is a product by Philosophy called Booster Caps. These are individual capsules that you twist open and add to your nighttime serum or moisturizer to give it a super boost. You can look at their website for details on ingredients etc, but here’s the low down:
this product is all about restoring youth and elasticity to your skin. It’s anti aging and firming, and will give you a smoother, more radiant appearance (and we all want that!). It contains retinol, which is going to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and even out and improve skin tone and texture. Told you this was special!

I am a firm believer that we need to keep our skin really well hydrated. It is quite difficult for well hydrated, robust skin to look aged, in fact, it tends to look quite gorgeous instead.

Consequently I’m constantly seeking out ways to add more hydration and make moisturizers pack a bigger punch without leaving a greasy film on the surface, so I am just love love loving these Booster Caps! They are significantly add to the power of your products, and you can use them with any moisturizer or serum. Just make sure they’re part of your bedtime routine, not your morning routine.

For more info on these little gems check out the Philosophy website

A little side note here, I do a lot of long haul flying to Europe, Australasia etc, and when I’m on those big flights I don’t wear make up. I pack on the hardcore skin care products and reapply them during the flight, so that when I land on the other side of the world I don’t have that beat up, tired, jet lagged looking skin, but instead am waving the flag of the fabulous. These Booster Caps will be going on all long haul flights with me now.

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