Brush me up baby…

What makes a makeup brush special? There are tons and tons of makeup brushes out there – synthetics, pony, sable, goat, squirrel – the list goes on and on.
So how is a girl supposed to figure out which brushes she needs, and how to choose amongst all the different brands, styles, price points etc?

Here is what I do. If you are buying online, have a really good look at the brush, if you are in a store, pick it up and really feel it.

How densely packed are the hairs? If there aren’t enough hairs, and they’re not packed together well, then you will have very little control over the product you’re trying to work with.
If it is packed too tightly, it will create lines as it moves across your face.

Do the hairs fall out as you play with the brush? If so the quality is not good enough. Also its a complete nuisance to have to keep picking hairs off the surface of your makeup.

What is the brush made from?
I recommend synthetic brushes to move wet products, like foundation, concealer, cream shadows etc, and hair brushes for use with dry products, like powder shadows, blushes etc.

Many brushes out there are made from dyed fiber or dyed hair. These dyes can come away into your product, can irritate your skin, and generally leave you with a brush that breaks down very quickly. You want the brush to maintain its shape years down the line, and not wind up in the junk pile a couple of months in.

I avoid dyed brushes at all costs.

Top quality brushes don’t have to be extremely expensive either. You can buy makeup brushes at a medium price point, and get quality that lasts and lasts. Some of the brushes in my kit are 20 years old. They didn’t cost any more than other brushes do, they’ve been worked half to death, all around the world, in all kinds of environments, and they still keep chugging along.

When I was building my makeup brush company, that was actually the main part of my mission statement – brushes that last and last and still deliver up the goods years down the line.

I’ll get into discussing shapes of brushes, and how to build your personal brush collection over the next few weeks, but today I’ll introduce you to my Powder Brush.

Its made from Badger Hair. The hair is packed just right, so that you can transport powder, and not just be flinging it around.
Some people use a powder brush to apply powder, I normally use it to sweep down the face after powdering, and again at the end of the makeup application to make sure that all excess is removed.
Its a beautiful looking brush, doesn’t shed hairs everywhere, is nice and soft, so it doesn’t irritate your skin, and being Badger Hair it picks up and moves product like no other!

Isn’t it gorgeous?

You can check out my brushes at

If you’re not buying my brushes, just make sure that quality is your main criteria with whichever brushes you are buying.



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