Elix Me Something Fabulous!

No matter how fabulous of a makeup job you have done on yourself, if the skin underneath is parched or dehydrated your makeup will never look great. In fact, it probably wont even look good.

So often you see girls wearing dual finish bases, or crushed mineral powder foundations, and their skin looks pulled and tight and powdery. This is because there isn’t enough moisture in the skin, so the skin pulls it out of the makeup.
Even those of us wearing regular foundations suffer from dehydration. Apart from looking awful, it is also so very aging – not a combo any of us want!

Sometimes it seems like your skin is great one day, then parched the next, or maybe just certain areas are looking dry and or flaky. Adding more and more moisturizer in the morning isn’t always the winning formula either. It can leave a greasy layer on the surface of the skin, and make your makeup slide away.

So whats a gal to do?

Get her hot self to Makeup Forever, that’s what!

Makeup Forever has come out with an amazing new product called HD Elixer.

This product was designed to help Makeup Artists out when we’re putting someone up on the big screen and dealing with skin dehydration issues. With the advent of HD filming the makeup equation changed considerably. Suddenly everything was magnified 6X, and every little detail showed up. Any little skin flaws suddenly became major glaring features, so a whole new technology with makeup was needed.

Makeup Forever is absolutely a Makeup Artist line, developed to meet professional Makeup Artists needs. The great benefit there is that if a product is created to meet our needs, then for the girl in the street it is off the charts brilliant! And any product that is designed for HD cameras looks completely amazing when seen on regular divas in everyday light.

HD Elixer both hydrates and firms the skin. You can use it by itself when you’re not wearing any makeup, or wear it under your foundation for a beautifully smooth, even palette.

In the first 15 minutes it increases hydration by 520%! After 6 hours the skin is still more than 175% more hydrated. This translates to beautiful, flawless looking, firm skin. And we all want that!

I don’t write about any product until I’ve used it extensively. I’ve had HD Elixir in my kit for several weeks now, and have been testing its performance every which way. I recently had to deal with a 14 hour flying day, which of course, dehydrates the living daylights out of your skin. I figured that would be the ultimate test of the product from the a consumer’s point of view. Those of you that do much flying know that by the end of the day your skin, and makeup, can look completely beat up and exhausted. Throughout the day I kept checking my skin, right up until I got home at midnight, and wouldn’t you know it – not only did my skin look great, but my makeup had held up beautifully too!

HD Elixir is fantastic for extreme situations, but also fabulous for every day.

I keep a bottle of the HD Elixir in my makeup kit, and another one at home for my personal use.

Check it out – you will love it too!

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