How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes #2

So I’ve shown you how to do the Parian Spirit clean, now we’re going to do the other form of deep cleaning your brushes, which is actually washing them.

Here are my beautiful CorinnaB Badger hair makeup brushes at Studio5, waiting to be shot. You can get them at

My personal brushes at home I wash every week or so, or as they need it. My brushes in my kit get a wash after a big job, or as needed.

I actually do mine under gently running lukewarm/tepid water, but for the sake of the pictures I’ve used bowls.

First up, get your brush fully immersed and wet. Sometimes you’ll need to work the water into the more densely packed brushes.

Next lather gently with a very gentle soap. I use Dove or Saddle Soap. Dont use fragranced soaps, soaps with borax, or soaps that leave a soap scum film – they will break down the hairs on your brushes and leave a film on them too.

Next up, rinse the brush out. I separate hairs and see if there is any sign of soap or soap bubbles left in there, and rinse until clean.

Now you want to help remove excess water from your brush. I press the brush gently with either a paper towel or a clean hand towel.

I keep telling you to be gentle with your brushes, because I am always seeing people be really rough with them. You want your brushes to last forever, so you have to be gentle with them.
Some of the brushes in my kit are 20 years old, and still in mint condition, because I’ve taken good care of them. And they get used half to death too…

OK, so now you need to reshape your brush. This is very important. Reshape it, and slick down any stray hairs that are trying to do their own thing. One of the most important features of a really good makeup brush is the angle upon which it is cut, and the actual shape of the brush. You will maintain its integrity by taking this step.

So here is our brush all clean and reshaped.

Now you are going to lie the brush flat on a clean folded towel. Never, never, never stand a damp brush up vertically.

Inside the ferrul (thats the metal bit) the hairs are bound together, and there is adhesive holding the wood, the ferrul and the hairs all in place. If moisture is rolling down inside there it will break down any adhesive and binding thread, which will make your brush fall apart. Also it can trap moisture within, and create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

If the air is really moist I’ll lay a second towel over top for a while to help wick away the moisture in the wet brushes, but I live in very low humidity, so that doesn’t happen too often.

So now you have the total picture on cleaning your brushes. If you buy quality brushes and take care of them they will last you forever, so it is well worthwhile!

Here is the wonderful Kelly Cappelli.
She shot this photo story for me (and for you).
I thought I was so clever and so artsy-fartsy getting this shot in motion, and was so proud of myself! Then I found out that Lea took it on her iphone during a shoot! Hahaha! Guess I’m not as clever as I thought I was!!!

Have a gorgeous day!



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