The Reign In Spain…

I have been so crazy busy lately with shoots, and believe me I love it!

I’ve been using all kinds of fun and fab products, and one of my absolute die-hard favorites at the moment is the regally tantalizing Reign Collection from Smashbox.
I use a lot of Smashbox products in my kit. I love the quality, I love how the products wear, and I love how they work on camera. And remember, anything that looks gorgeous on an HD camera looks fantastic on us girlies in the real world.

So lets have a little look…

First up the jet set waterproof cream liners. Smashbox always gives sensational color options, and with these four shades you can cover a lot of bases. I put them up first, because Smashbox’s formulation is such that you can actually use these as a cream shadow, as a base for your shadows, as a definer and as a liner. I use them in many different ways and have loads of little pots of these in my kit.

Next up there are two shadow sets with both matte and shimmer shadows in them. This one is called Monarch, and the other called Majesty. (Majesty has a more mulberry hue).
Both to die for.
You can use these both wet for more intensity, or dry. You can make a huge, bold eye, or a much softer eye. I love the versatility of them, and again the colors are just beautiful and majestic.

This next piece of gorgeousness is great for everyone, and especially brilliant for the blue and green eyed crowd.
This is the DNA mascara in plum. Plum is such an amazing color around the eyes, infinitely flattering, warm and beautiful. With the Reign Collection it ties everything together for an exquisite finish. For the blueys and the greenies you’ll find that a plum mascara will bring out your eye color like nothing else – it’ll set your eye color off and really make them ‘pop’. (BTW, I can’t stand that terminology, but you get what I’m saying…)

Lastly, when you are doing a big, expressive eye, you want to offset it with a soft, luscious mouth. I can’t get enough of the new nude lip liners. Use them to either outline, or fill in a perfect soft mouth, then top it off with one of the fabulous Smashbox glosses.

I’ll be posting tutorials on the Reign Collection in the next couple of weeks, so you can get a step by step guide in how to maximize the magnificence.

And you can create your own Monarchy, and the boys can kiss your beautiful toes…



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