All My Rowdy Friends Are Here On Monday Night!

I haven’t yet mentioned my passion for NFL, but I have to tell you, we are in my favorite time of the year. Racing has heated up to play-off status, fall fashion is hitting the stores, makeup starts kicking it back up again after natural-schmatural looks for summer, and oh yeah – its football season too!!!

Monday nights are once again cooler than all get out, and the evening doesn’t get going til Hank Williams Jr starts belting it out!
When I’ve been to Monday Night Football games, the opening notes of Hank’s song & the video up on the jumbo-tron give me those heart pounding, God I love America, national anthem at a big event, lights going down at the start of a Kenny stadium show , adrenalin fueled, Olympic Gold moments that money just can’t buy.
“Are you ready for some football?” Oh hell yeah! So ready!

But then, what’s a girl to wear to a football game, or to a football party, or a sports bar etc, when she wants to fly her team’s colors, but isn’t into wearing an oversized jersey that says :
What if she’s a little more fashion driven & style inspired?

I took it upon myself to find you divas the answer, and look what I found!
The oh so fabulous Halftime Designs (

Divalicious fashionista, sportsfan and Daytona Beach native Megan Wood found herself in the same predicament, searching for something cool and feminine to wear while supporting her favorite teams. (like me, she runs plural on the faves) Not finding anything overly fantastic she decided to create her own line of killer cool pieces for the fashion crowd.

Think along the lines of Sex In The City meets Football. Edgy, fun, high fashion designs on fabulously sexy, feminine pieces. T-shirts, tanks and hoodies all cut to work the female form – flattering, sleek and beautiful. Trendy illustrations on designer cut and quality T’s. Sister – you’re singing my song!

The hoodie pictured above is for the Patriot fan who doesn’t want to wear her boyfriend’s jersey with BRADY plastered across the back.

How cool is this Dolphins tile coaster? The Go Fins on the shopping bag and the gorgeous dresses are so completely my thing!

For the Giants fan….
This bag is for the Jets fan
Maternity wear for a Cowboys fan

Tampa Bay Pooch wear…

One of my faves is a gator themed shirt that shows two well dressed girls eating rivalry themed sushi. How clever and fun is that???

There are lots of different products and clothing items available, and every week
Halftime Designs is adding more teams. Baseball and Basketball teamwear is on the not so distant horizon too.

Until now it hasn’t been easy for a football loving girl to find something cute to wear to support her team. If you want fashion and comfort that’s perfect for looking fab while you’re tailgating, enjoying the game, or just living life then make sure you check these out.

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I love these shirts, and will be wearing them on shoots even in the football off-season, but man, I will be rocking them when all my rowdy friends are here on Monday night…..



P.S are you losing your boyfriend or husband to endless sports programming and events that you dont understand? The fabulous is a great guide to whats going on. In fact they even have The Complete Girls Guide to the 2009 Football Season…..

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