Bridal Promo Shoot

lashes, starbucks, Julie Hewett palette& lips, brushes galore….

Yesterday was too much fun! Just waaay to much fun.

We shot a super cool bridal promo piece at Studio 5, with all my favorite players. Of course the fabulous Kelly Cappelli shot all the stills, Will Zecco and Kristin Isaac did hair, and we used my favorite models Tamara Anthony, Mallory Nevin and Emely Soto.

The dresses were off the charts killer fab, and came from Mariee in Scottsdale, the jewlery was by Claudia.

Serendipity filmed the piece. Hopefully I will be able to post some of it before too long.

We shot some cool makeup tutorials while we were there, using some fantastic new Julie Hewett products and the off the charts brilliant Reign Collection from Smashbox.

There were plenty of personal cameras on set, so I’m going to post some behind the scenes stuff as pics come in.

Airbrushing Mallory’s foundation

Kelly checking makeup, new Julie Hewett palette in foreground…

No idea what was so funny, but Will Zecco no doubt had something to do with it!


I so love the Smashbox Reign collection packaging that I keep all the products in their original boxes. Geeky, I know, but the little things in life can bring so much happiness…

How cool is Kelly??? I’m chatting to twitter and facebook, & looking all kinds of serious, meanwhile Kelly looks all kinds of fabulous while waiting to get miked up.

Mallory snapping some pics while Jeff from Serendipity gets Kelly miked.

Cameras rolling. Kelly showing one of the dresses and talking about the look.

Me holding up the dress while Kelly speaks.

Me telling TV-land about this cool Nicole Miller dress and what makeup to do with it.

No doubt I’ll be posting more from this shoot this week, and as Will was in fine form, there’s bound to be some silliness involving him!




  1. September 15, 2009 / 12:05 am

    Hey Jen, there will be several! Each has a different makeup and hair, and there are tutorials coming too. Just waiting for all the editing…

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