Fashion Week Sept 2009

I always love watching all the news coming out of New York fashion week.

When I lived in London runway was my thing, and I did endless shows, so its always cool and exciting to see where makeup is trending for the next season.

Right now they are showing Spring 2010, and for the most part the makeup is somewhat predictable.

Runway makeup is frequently low key, or focusing on one feature, partly to let the clothing be the star of the show, and partly because you have so little time to do the makeup, and girls are literally running in from another show still in that previous show’s makeup. Its incredibly fast paced, but incredibly good fun to work on though!

Anyhoo, what I’m seeing this week more than anything is that precision brows are really dominating the runway.
The brows are making a statement. The shape is played up, the color is a little intensified but not too bold. The overly structured, overly groomed brow has stepped aside and a fuller, nicer, more natural shaped brow has arrived.

This was the look at Tory Burch. Beautiful, soft, natural, with the fuller brow. See how the brow is the statement in this makeup?

Tony Cohen’s models also had a beautiful, put together natural look. Some of the shows had the girls looking too bare for my liking, but the looks I am showing here, in my opinion, are just right.

Carolina Herrera, as elegant as ever, wanted her girls to look beautiful and gorgeous, with the bolder brow and soft kissable neutral pink lips.

At Rebecca Taylor makeup artist Rie Omoto worked the nice full brow, soft eyes but threw in a bold orange lip.

Mark Jacobs I love you!!! This look was a deliciously mad breath of fresh air from the rest of the shows. Makeup Artist Francois Nars created a “Ballerina Goth” look. Who knows why?
We probably wont be seeing too much of it on the street, but what a show that must have been! I love the Nars wine lip stain in Pop Life.

My absolute favorite so far? The very talented Polly Osmond created this Barbie-meets-Marilyn look for Tuleh.
I love everything about this. The brow is not too thick, the eyes stand out but don’t overwhelm, the cheeks are a soft fresh flush, and the lip is a lovely glossy pink.

This is the look I predict you’ll be seeing most of come spring.

Love it!




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