Loving Lorac Style…

Today I had a little time to kill before my pre-production meeting for the big shoot that’s happening this weekend, so I took a little dash through Sephora to see what was up.

Its so easy to overlook a really cool product in a store like Sephora because there are so many new products coming out all the time. And when something new comes out it might not excite you that much, so you just breeze on by it. Or maybe there are just so many killer things that you overlook something you’d otherwise love.

So periodically I go into Sephora (I also do this at MAC), and while I’m cruising around I watch the employees to see who seems to be loving their job their job the most.

Then I ask that person to show me the product that is totally rocking their world this very minute. What is your favorite, most exciting, most killer item, right now?

So much fun! They always get extra excited and race off to show you whatever it is. And if you keep your eyes and ears wide open, you just might learn something new.

Today I had this wickedly excited dude. He grabbed my wrist and said: You. Have. GOT. To see this! And hauled me halfway across the store to look at a product I’ve walked past many times.

The Lorac Starry Eyed Baked Trio. Shown here in Super Star (Bronze) and Evening Star (Silver).
It also comes in Starlet, which is purple, and not shown here. Highly pigmented, long lasting, shimmering baked shadows.

Now I have passed these by frequently, thinking they weren’t so exciting. But man, this guy was totally into them, and got me all fired up too! He used up every spare piece of skin on each of our arms, showing me all kinds of tricks he likes doing with this product.
He showed it wet, he showed it dry. He showed it soft, he showed it full power. He showed it blended, he showed it striped. And he converted me.

So sometime when you have free arm space and a few extra minutes, get someone to show you what they are loving most. No matter how good you are at makeup, give them free reign to tell you all their ideas, and show it to you their way.
Its really fun, both for you, and for them.



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