Oh William!

When you look at a picture in a magazine its often hard to imagine what was going on when that image was shot. What the model was really dealing with – like modelling a bikini on a freezing cold day at the beach, wool jackets on a summer’s day, being pulled and pinned and cinched into the clothes she’s modelling etc.

When you have a good team working, everyone pitches in and makes it happen so that you can get the shot. And often times its all kinds of silly fun!

Here are some more behind the scenes moments from the shoot we just finished, which was filmed for the bridal industry.

So here is our beautiful model, Emely, in the makeup chair. She was our final model for the day.

Oh William! Heaven only knows what he was up to, but I can guarantee you it was hilarious! We had been working a really long day already, and all were exhausted.

With Emely on set, Kelly Cappelli started shooting. You can see the TV camera in the corner of this shot.

How funny is this??? Will and I were fanning out the train of the dress. This dress was actually exceptionally beautiful. It has flowers sewn on to it, and is really quite elaborate.
Its from Mariee in Scottsdale.
I was still miked, and the transmitter is still clipped on in my lower back. Not so seksi…

Can you please pass me another clamp…..

You can see here that in order to get the shot Emely (in high heels) has to arch her back, lift her chin, pull her shoulders both back and square, angle her neck, lean, and look demure, while I’m on one side holding the skirt, and Will is crouched behind her holding that side. You can also see some of the clamps that are holding the dress tight to her body.

The dress is actually really heavy, especially for a tiny slim little thing like Em.
She is pinned, pulled, clamped and cinched, but although as uncomfortable as she is, she can work her face and body, and make you believe she is lost in thought…

Meanwhile, the shooting continues. Kelly and Jeff Bills from Serendipity Videography.

A quick touch up and spray from the fabulous William Zecco

Now Will is on camera, explaining why he chose this particular hairstyle, and how he did it.
When you step back out of the shot you can see all the backdrops etc. It kinda lets you see how real it all is.

Isn’t he just gorgeous??? All kinds of crazy fun to work with!

And here’s a very blurry shot of Emely. Hopefully by next week I’ll be able to post a tutorial on this makeup. It was so lovely, and was done using the new Smashbox collection, which I am looooving to death!

Funnily enough its called work, but in all honesty, its just great fun!



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