Oooh! Lovin Me Some Deep, Dark Lips!

I have to say, I am just loving all over one of the new lipsticks from Urban Decay!

The fall collection has three shades, Naked (been there, done that, but it is pretty), Oil Slick (very goth, black glossy lip – um, not so much) and oh yeah sister – the object of my affection, Confession!

Now we’re talking! Its a fabulous grapey, deep wine slice of fabulous. I’m loving it with a soft, yet defined eye, tons of lashes and a pale cheek.
In fact, I may just shoot a tutorial with it so you can see.

Sometimes its nice to take a breather from a smokey eye, and send all the focus to your lips. A word of warning though, if you have thin lips, this is not a great choice for you. Even if you mute it down to a stain, a color this deep and robust can make your mouth look like a mean, thin slash.

On the upside though, the blue base is going to make your teeth look whiter than white…

This shade looks more intimidating than it really is. It’s actually quite a soft glossy lip rather than a full lipstick and reminds me a bit of the Clinique gloss Black Honey.

My other favorite from Urban Decay is Vinyl. Not new, but still gorgeous.

I love deep, grape colored lips in the fall….

A quick note about their formulations: They have Vitamins A, C and E. They also have Hyluronic spheres which prevent dehydration and have a creme caramel scent.

The packaging is kinda fun too.

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