Chanel – Of Course!

So one of my friends on Twitter was chatting to me the other day about her Chanel sunglasses.
I live for a great pair of sunglasses, and hadn’t ventured out in to sunglass-land since my Marc Jacobs venture this past summer. So, in the name of research, and having some time up my sleeve, I took it upon myself to go get the scoop on what the master designer had in mind for us with the ultimate facial accessory.

The perfection of a great pair of sunglasses lies in matching the frame style to the shape of your face. As much as I would love to cruise the hood in a slick pair of avaitors I never will. Because amongst other things, I’d look like an idiot.

I could never buy a pair of glasses online unless I’d already taken them for a test drive in the store to make sure they were right for my face shape. (And if I loved them enough to own them, at that point there would be no turning back, so the internet and I will never get together over sunglasses).

Anyway, out of all the glasses I looked at Chanel’s 5167 completely and utterly did it for me. In every which way!
The shape is gorgeous, and really flattering. I was all about the black fade to soft grey color below.

Although the cappucino was somewhat spectacular as well….

Wasn’t feeling it with the orange/red, but this shows you how cool the frame is.

Living in a place that has an enormous amount of sun means having to take extra care of the skin around your eyes, otherwise you’ll look like a tired old duck way before your time. That being considered, I always choose frame that completely covers the entire eye area, and have nice wide arms to cover the outer corner of the eye. No need to put crows feet on the fast track. Best keep the entire area hidden (behind a double C…)

Fab – U – Lous!!!

And as for the aviators? Even if they did suit my face, I wouldn’t subject my eye area to that much sun exposure, even on a cloudy day.

Show your eyes some love ladies!



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