Hey Girlfriend!!! Check It Out!!

So I was on a little recon mission in Pier One yesterday, and look what I found!!!

The Hey Girlfriend daily desk calender! This fabulous and funny little item is full of gorgeous things like this:

with delightful quotes for each day. Love it!!! And quite frankly a perfect stocking stuffer, and ideal little gift. I’m picking up a few of them…

They are actually the creation of the brilliant and beautiful humorist, artist, designer Jill Seale, world famous for her Nun For The Road series, which, by the way, I absolutely adore!

Here are some of my favorites

This one is soooo totally me!!! I love a good margarita!

Aren’t they fun???

And after all, we are now officially in the season of the soiree. Endless holiday season entertaining. And I think these napkins are perfect! There are tons more to choose from too.
All witty and delightful and endlessly fun. The napkins are available at www.JillSeale.com

You can also go to www.cafepress.com/NunForTheRoad or just click here and you’ll find all kinds of cool products in the Nun For The Road series. Everything from t shirts, to tiles, to coasters, to mugs, journals, aprons – you have to go check it out and see.

Totally perfect presents for all kinds of occasions, extra fun with Christmas around the corner!

What did she do to get those beads?????

Jill also has an online store that features other fun and fabulous designs. You can find her items in gift shops all around the world. Or, if you’re like me, you can point click and purchase online!

Emotional Baggage Claim!!!! Sooo love it!!
Any design can be put onto a towel or makeup towel for you too. Just email in your request on the JillSeale.com site

Jill Seale Online Store

Some other items available

If you’re near a Pier One, make sure you go pick up some calenders!



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