Oh You’re Such A Vamp!!!

I have to tell you about my latest most favorite thing!
Somehow this one slipped by me when I’ve been cruising through the Julie Hewett product line, but one of my former Pro Makeup students brought it over to show me, and I about died! Then got it immediately…

It’s one of Julie Hewett’s Cheekie products, and the color is called Vampie.
Now at first glance it looks very dark and gothic, but in reality it is the perfect deep, warm berry shade.
I use the Cheekie products as soft cream blushes, as lip color, sometimes on eyes – you name it! Super versatile.

I am love love loving this shade as we meander on into fall and need a little more warmth to our cheeks. The shade doesn’t overwhelm the skin, but instead gives the cheek the most beautiful glow.
Although lovely on girls of any eye color, I am noticing that for the girls with green eyes (me!) or blue eyes, the moment you put Vampie on the cheek bones the eye color pops out at you. It’s a great way to off set a less made up eye.

On the lips it is divine too. There’s enough blue under it to instantly make your teeth look super white. I rub it into the lip with my finger, so that it becomes a soft mulberry/grape stain.
Its effortless and its gorgeous.

In fact, today I have Vampie rubbed into my cheeks and lips, and almost no other makeup on. There is enough resonance in this color to make you look healthy and glowing and vibrant, without being overdone.

Julie Hewett also has a new lip lush color out called Tish, which is a soft gold shimmer. Its fantastic alone, or over other colors to soften them and give a little golden sheen.
I’ve been putting it on top of a Vampie lip to go out at night, and am just loving the result!

I know there are a lot of fabulous Atlanta and Charlotte based ladies reading this blog, and I am excited to tell you there are new Julie locations in your cities!(as well as several others. There’s even a new one in Chappaqua should Hilary decide to start rocking a little Vampie action!)
Click Here to see the new locations.

Check it out, and enjoy being a Vampie girl!



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