Those Flight Attendants Are Naked!!!

One of my Twitter friends (@NHRAChat) turned me onto this hilarious video.
Luckily only 4, 741 000 people had already seen it before me…

Anyway, this may seem like a shameless plug for my country’s airline, and in a way, it is. I actually fly Air New Zealand on most of my long haul flights. From Los Angeles to Auckland if I’m going home, or to Sydney if I’m Aussie bound.
I’ve flown them from Los Angeles to London, I’ve flown them across Asia.

Patriotism only goes so far when you’re cooped up in a plane at 37 000 feet for 12 plus hours. And as much as I love flying the flag for NZ, I wouldn’t fly the airline if my experiences with them hadn’t left me feeling everytime that I had just flown the best.

The flight attendants are generally really friendly and accomodating. The food is not like regular airplane food – its actually really fabulous. Kiwis love great cheeses and wines, so they are available in abundance too.
The seats are always the most modern, which translates to the most comfortable, and on long haul flights, that is everything! You have leg room. You get your own TV with an enormous number of choices on demand.
They are awesome with kids, and super helpful if you’re flying alone with a small child. (the number of times a flight attendant has slipped into my seat next to my sleeping child, so that I could go to the bathroom, or stretch my legs!)

If I’m going somewhere that they don’t fly, its somewhat of a rude awakening.

So yes, I love them.

But check this out – this video has Air New Zealand flight attendants buck – naked!

Kia ora nudies!

Gotta love the “making of” too! These were real Air NZ employees!

So if you’ve got a flight to book, check them out!
Come fly the friendly skies with Air New Zealand
And if you’ve never been, its the greatest vacation, so check out my beautiful New Zealand

Oh, and Chat? Thank you buddy!

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  1. October 2, 2009 / 6:03 am

    That is great!! I hope the campaign works! I definitely want to go. But I did anyway. What a hoot! Thanks for sharing. I'm putting it on my FB too. Hope you don't mind.

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