When You Do That Voodoo…

I so love this time of the year. Love it so very, very much.

There is magic in the air, the evenings get so soft and delicious, clothes get a little more interesting, boots come back (don’t even think about going there today CB!) make up is kicked back up a few delectable notches, and we meander up to the doorway of the season of my most favorite flower in the world….

Black Magic Roses.

I honestly think these are without a doubt the sexiest, raunchiest, most decadent flowers ever.

They evoke passion, sensuality and a certain hypnotizing naughtiness. And with the softer light that’s coming around now, and the long, slow evenings leading us to the holiday season, this is the time to relish in their perfection.

You do something to me, something that simply mystifies me….

Although not quite black, they have a depth to them that you can fall into. I find them mesmerizing.

Let me live ‘neath your spell…

Last year the adorable Will McFabulous gave me a giant bouquet of Black Magic roses, approximately the size of Bono, for absolutely no reason other than that I love them.
(Sometimes I think he should write a guide book for straight men, because he just really, really knows this stuff!)
For a week my home was all candles and black magic (sans Santeria), deep full bodied red wines and sheer lip gloss the color of night. I wore strip lashes every day, the world was right. And I loved it.

And then they went away.

Tell me why should it be, you have the power to hypnotize me?

I bet Dita Von Teese’s house is full of them.

Maybe this year I’ll get them from someone else? Or maybe I’ll get them from Will again.
Either way, I’ve got to have them. And its nearly that time. And the anticipation hangs thick in the air.
Sometimes a rose is not just a rose.

Do do that voodoo that you do so well…

P.S I also love Cole Porter songs!


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  1. Anonymous
    October 19, 2009 / 8:35 pm

    black magics are amazing!!! I want some too!!

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