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This past weekend at the races when I was tearing around full speed in the golf cart (sayonara hairdo! – Trashed it!!!) my fabulous hostess told me she has no idea what to do with her eye makeup, and wasn’t really sure where to start.

I hear that so often from readers, twitter peeps and facebookers. So while I was watching the cars rip through turn four and come tearing past me up the straightaway into the banks of turn one, in those moments where I could actually catch my breath, I gave it some thought.

And here are some tips I came up with to get you started:

1. Apply foundation to your eyelids (just a thin veil will do it)
Use your foundation to create a blank canvas to work from.

2. Powder the eyelids well. This is really crucial. Most women complain that their eye makeup moves during the day, and is either mostly gone, or sitting in creases by the afternoon.
My favorite powder is HD Powder by MakeUp Forever. It is super sheer and fine, sets the foundation and then disappears into the skin.
Use a triangle sponge, and make sure you get right up into the lashline to set and dry your foundation and concealer. Otherwise your eye liner isn’t going to stay anywhere near where you want it!3. Use an eyeshadow primer. This is going to give the shadows something to bind with, and gives extra staying power. You only need a tiny amount, and it takes seconds to apply.

4. Choose shadow colors that work well together. For your basic eyeshadow wardrobe avoid big colors, go easy on greys, maybe stay away from blacks til you have your technique down.
Without falling down the rabbit hole of brown eyeshadows (yawn!) utilize colors that are skin tone friendly.

5. Use quality eyeshadow brushes! I, of course, recommend the CorinnaB line. The important thing here is to have brushes that enable you to control the placement of the color, and not have it flicking around all over the place.
Make sure you tap off the excess color before you start putting it on your lid.

6. Utilize a fan brush. Particles of shadow will drop under the eye area, and you need to be sweeping them away with a fan brush before they start soaking in and making your under eye look bruised & messy.

7. Blend, blend, blend! Take a clean brush and really blend through the colors you have applied. The graduation from one color to the next should be seamless. No one really wants to know how many shades you’re using, regardless of the look you’re going after.

8. Master your eyeliner! I often see a lovely eyemakeup ruined by hard black liner ringing the eyes. If your liner is too severe all anyone is going to see when they look at you is hard dark lines. If you are using a pencil, draw a softer line and then smudge it out with a taklon liner or a smudger brush dipped into a similar color powder eyeshadow to soften and seal it.

Taklon liner

9. Change it up from day to night. Even if you just learn (and perfect!) two looks, get yourself a day look and an evening look. Sometimes evening can just be making your daytime look a little smokier, a little softer, a little more sultry.

10. Take control of your mascara! Curl your lashes, and then use a quality mascara that isn’t old and dried out. Most mascaras need changing every 8 – 10 weeks, as they start to dry out. Don’t pump your mascara wand – it puts air into the mascara and dries it out quickly.
If it’s getting flakey or clumpy, its time to ace it out and get a new one.
My personal faves? Diorshow Blackout and Julie Hewett (it has rose oil in it, which is super conditioning. I wear it every day.)

For those of you who are new to the blog, there are tons of eye makeup tutorials on here. Just scroll through the archives.
There are also video tutorials on my youtube channel, CorinnaBMakeup, and loads more coming!

I hope this helps!



(oh, and J? you are an absolute blast to hang out with! Y’all ROCK sista!!!)

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