Such Fragrant Loveliness

I so totally live by such a firm set of rules, but you know what they say about rules – they’re meant to be broken!

At this time of year I only ever wear deep, sultry, sexy wintery fragrances. Never anything light and breezy and floral.
Actually I’m not really the breezy, floral type at any point in the year.


Last week I was rifling through my makeup drawers looking for an elusive lip gloss, when I found one of those sample perfume vials they give you in the department stores.
I have no idea how old this one is, or how long it had been hiding there, but I put some on anyway, and was so completely surprised and, quite frankly, delighted!

Its a delicious little flowery blend from Gucci called, coincidentally, Flora.
And I love it!
The sample I have is only an eau de toilette, but it seems to linger all day, in a sweet and lovely way. It doesn’t over power you when you put it on, and is very fresh and feminine.

I googled the bottle for you. Its kinda cool really don’t you think?

Anyway, I just thought I’d clue you in on it.

Now I have to go deal with the rule I broke (a thousand times over, no less) about eating carbs & not working out.

It appears I have to do some dramatically significant exerciseto get ready for some upcoming on-camera pieces that I’ll tell you about soon.
(Assuming this whole “trimming back down” thing happens…..)



P.S I only just found this centering the text button on the blog a few days ago. The novelty will wear off soon, and I’ll be back to all the text on the left…

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