Thanksgiving Makeup

So I’ve had so many people asking me about how to do their makeup for Thanksgiving with the fam, or more specifically with the fam-in-law.

The most interesting thread here being the difficult to outright evil mother-in-law.
So prevalent – who knew???

I’ve been coaching a couple of friends through this particular trauma, and my main words of advice are: she may have the venom, but you have youth on your side.
Want to deliver the ultimate smackdown? Look absolutely fabulous. Completely and utterly gorgeous. Ha! That’s where its at!

Now in most cases when its Thanksgiving with the fam, you don’t want to look overdone, or like you’ve gone to too much trouble. So the name of the game is effortless beauty. And here’s how you’re going to do it:

First up and always its the skin care equation. You need to keep your skin looking hydrated and glowing. I recommend steaming your skin morning of or night before, with a great serum on, like Rhonda Allison’s amazing Pumpkin E Serum.
Make sure you are well exfoliated too. I love enzyme masks for gently removing dead skin and leaving your skin looking robust and gorgeous.
Tons of water (especially if you are traveling), vitamins, good food and oodles of moisturizer leading into the big day.

Jen knows a thing or two about great skin, and she’s always toting the smart water, so you should too..

Can’t live without it!

On the day, spritz some of MAC’s amazing Fix+ with Rose Water onto your face. The rose water is so soothing and calming to the skin.

I absolutely swear by Makeup Forever’s HD primer. It’s going to provide the perfect base for your foundation to adhere to, and has stability like no other, which translates to your foundation not moving during the day.

Keep your foundation light and sheer. Remember, we want to look effortless and lovely, not overly made up.

Keep the colors you are using soft, beautiful, and skin tone friendly. A very soft glow of blush, just kissing your cheeks, a tiny dab of highlighter on the cheekbone.

I adore a smudge of burgundy on the eye – again a very soft touch. Try MAC eyeshadow in Sketch, (pictured) or Twinks (a little more shimmery).
If you have blue or green eyes these shadows will enhance them like no other!

Make sure your mascara is smooth and defined, and not clumpy. And if you’re using eyeliner it MUST be soft and smudgy – no hard lines!!

A soft, lovely mouth is so alluring. Avoid the bolder colors – they are too hard to wear, and breakdown looking not so fab. Dark shades can make your lips look thin and angry, and our goal is soft and youthful…

So, exfoliate them, make sure your lips are smooth and hydrated, and try something soft and delicious like the Pink Ribbon Collection from Bobbi Brown. (these are part of a breast cancer research campaign, so you’re saving the boobies while wowing the kisser).

Lastly, go easy on the alcohol. It’ll dry your skin out, make it flushed, and will take away your strategic advantage.

And as a final note, no matter what nonsense she pulls, smile, be gracious and lovely, and don’t let on that you’re getting frazzled. Maintain grace and dignity & you will own the day!

Work it sistas!!!



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  1. November 26, 2009 / 4:18 pm

    I guess I'm lucky that C.'s parents (and family, since we're not seeing his parents this Thanksgiving) don't hate me… though I do get a few snide comments about my weight. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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