Update Your Look For November

Its easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to your look.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, what better time to infuse a little something new into your makeup routine?

So lets check out a couple of cool tips for November.

First up, add a little berry toned eyeshadow.
I have been using and loving to pieces the Reign Collection from Smashbox.

The soft velvety pink and the deep berry of the Majesty palette are perfect tones for most skins. They add a warmth and dimension to the eye, and if you have blue or green eyes, you will really see that color come to life and look super vibrant!

Another great way to soften up the eye is to step away from the traditional liner concept, and do a soft earthy smudge instead.

Using the Monarchy palette from Smashbox and a smudger brush like the CorinnaB smudger, get a small amount of the center circle of the dark brown, work it into the back of your hand, or a kleenex, then smudge through the lash lines. This will give you a much softer look.

Lastly, go for a softer brow. Instead of the harsher, more defined arch to the brow, let your eyebrow grow in a little, and have a slightly more natural look.

I’m going to put last week’s video back up so you can get another look at how to pull this one off.

Have a gorgeous day!



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