Party Make Up #4 Black Tie Party

I so love the majesty of the black tie event.
Be it a party, a movie premiere, an awards show
this is where you get to go all out on a
fabulous, well put together look.

I love lots of lashes for black tie.

ooh look! Kate Hudson in Nine.
You are held hostage by those eyes!

For the most part either go big with the eyes and do a soft mouth, or vice versa.
I’m a sucker for the huge eyes for a big event.
Especially if you’ll have a drink in your hand.
Red lipstick on the rim of your glass?
Not so sexy.

Penelope’s eyes. So loved her in Vicky Christina Barcelona

I love how put together and polished this look is.
It’s dynamic.

The red carpet is a great place to look if you need inspiration.
Some of the best make up you’ll ever see.

After watching Blind Side
I want to be friends with Sandra B

Black tie perfect!
Kris is owning this look.
(We just shot it the other day)

Monica Belluci perfection.
If you can take your eyes off her boobs, the make up is black tie awesome.

Fox Fierce.
Clean, tight, put together.
And she knows how to wear it.

And of course, the Goddess herself.
Always immaculate
Always appropriate
Perfect black tie make up.

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