Party Makeup #3 – The Cocktail Party!

Oh NOW we’re talking!!!
I so love a good cocktail party!
Fun, gorgeous, short dresses.
Sexy heels.
Turning on a fabulous hairdo.
Oh yeah!

In the world of parties, I think cocktail parties are primo.
They don’t go on all night.
The drinks are fun and stylish.
Canapes as opposed to a full meal.
Fun, upbeat music.

The energy is light and effervescent.
And so your look must be too.
Light, fun and effervescent.

No heavy eyes, no heavy liner.
And keep it bright.
December 2009 has its own cocktail party look.

This is from Armani. The lip color is Rouge d’Armani.
See how it is a bright, fun, alive red?
It lights up the face.
It is the central focus of the face.
Keep everything else to a minimum.
Clean, bare, fresh.
Of course she’s fully made up, but the look is simple and lovely.
And fun.

With Penelope’s dark hair and olive complexion, she can take more around the eye.
The darker your hair, the bolder the red you can take.
Red says party.
Red says fun.

A cocktail party calls for a more kicked up, fun hairstyle too.
If you have length, put it up.

A pretty dress, an updo and red lips.
A girl can have herself all kinds of fun!



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