Lip Lock Love

Do you ever find that the gorgeous lipstick you absolutely have to have
changes color when you put it on?

Or maybe
the new look is a very pale gloss,
and the full bodied color of your natural lip color keeps
showing through?

Some lips have a blue undertone to them,
othertimes our natural pH just goes ahead and changes the lip color we’ve applied.

Well, not to worry.
Gotcha covered.
MAC has a fabulous product called Lip Erase.
Its not a new product, but with all the pale lips heading our way its one you should know about.

Lip Erase is a flesh toned balm that neutralizes and erases natural lip color.
Its shine free and texture free, so you can even use it under a very pale gloss
and not see built up product on the lip.

It comes in two shades for use on pale and medium skin tones.

Fabulous fab-u-lips.



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