Skincare 101 Keeping It Moist

So lets move forward with our new year’s skin care regime.

After cleansing many ladies move on to toning.
Not a huge fan.
I often find toners just strip the skin.
So if you really, truly are oily, or need to lift away a little excess from the T zone
or if you like to use a little toner on a mini break out
go for it.

But moisturizer?
Crazy important.
And we break it down to daytime and night-time.
Because they each are equally important, and do very different jobs.

Lets look at your daytime moisturizer.
Firstly it is of course charged with hydrating your skin.
But it also serves several other important functions.
It helps to protect your skin from environmental pollutants.
It helps protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.
A is for aging, B is for burning.
The twin devils we must avoid.

You can get your daily moisturizer with SPF in it,
or you can add a free standing moisturizer to your regimen.
I do both.

Every morning you must put moisturizer on your clean face.
Every morning.
Leave it on a few minutes before you start your makeup routine, so that it can soak in.
I normally put mine on, then go make my coffee or tea, before I go back and get started on my makeup.

Final word on daytime moisturizer?
Get the best that you can afford and keep using.
Makeup will never look great on dehydrated skin.
Dehydrated skin looks old.
Dehydrated skin ages more speedily.

Be your beautiful best in 2010!



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