Get Your Valentines Day Vamp On #3 Sultry Smokey Eye

OK girls,
Here’s our final makeup in the
Get Your Valentines Day Vamp On series.

This time its a sultry, smoky eye.

So here are the products I used:

Makeup Forever HD foundation
Makeup Forever HD powder
Makeup Forever Sculpting Kit #2 (to sculpt cheekbones that you can slice bread with)
Makeup Forever Sculpting Blush in Matte Rosewood
Makeup Forever Aquacream liner in #3
Makeup Forever eyeshadows in #129 (main color) #126 (highlight color) #79 (to line with)
MAC lip liner in Whirl
Makeup Forever Superlip Gloss in nude beige.

The brushes I used were:

corinnaB Foundation Brush
CorinnaB Angled Blush Brush
CorinnaB Camoflage Brush to apply Aquacream Liner all over the eye
CorinnaB Soft Fan Brush to constantly sweep away falling particles of shadow
CorinnaB Oval Shadow Brush
CorinnaB Chisel Fluff Brush
CorinnaB Taklon Liner Brush
CorinnaB Smudger Brush
Corinna B Lip Brush

Because the eyemakeup on this video in quite specific, we will be releasing it as its own video.
It took up too much space for youtube…

Happy Valentines Day!



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  1. February 12, 2010 / 11:15 pm

    Love, love the sexy smoldering eye make-up! Gotta get yr brushes.

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