Racing and a Giveaway. Or Racing Giveaway?

So, today we are going to have another quick look at some racing stuff from this past weekend,
and we’re going to have ourselves a fun giveaway.
A racing related giveaway.
Perfect for race fans and for girls who don’t follow racing at all…

First up, if you didn’t check in yesterday, 12 of my favorite drivers
from the NHRA
had a little video chat with my blog readers.

That’s you!

I don’t know if that’s ever been done before for someones blog?
You should feel a bit special round about now…
If you didn’t see it yesterday, or if you want to see it again (and again and again)
I’ve put it at the bottom of today’s post.
You have to check it out.
Its very cool.
There’s a list of the drivers and links to their websites on yesterdays blog post
Weekend At The Races.

I have to congratulate 2 of the drivers on the video for winning this weekend.
Cory Mac won Top Fuel
Fast Jack Beckman won Funny Car.
Congratulations guys! And congratulations Don Schumacher Racing.

If you’re on twitter you can follow Cory Mac click here
and Jack Beckman at Shoeracing’s twitter Click here

Anyway I’ll be back to makeup videos in the next couple of days,
but today I’ve got one more for the race fans.
If you’ve never been to an NHRA race before
you need to beware of the warmup.
Its quite something.
If you’re walking through the pit area
and you hear them fire up one of the cars,
get upwind as quickly as you can.
Its super loud (earplugs!!)
And the fumes will make your eyes pour tears, your nose, throat and lungs burn.

Here’s a video I took from inside the DSR Hospitality suite, looking into Jack Beckman’s pit.
On my handy dandy FlipCam UltraHD from The
Check out the folks at the fumey end of the car!

And now for our spectacular giveaway!

We have teamed up with the fantastic Drag Strip Girl Designs
and are giving away one of these fabulous Drag Strip Girl ladies T shirts!

If you’ve been following this blog,
you’ll know that I’m always showing up at photoshoots/music videos/commercials etc
in one of my Drag Strip Girl T’s.
I love them!
They’re edgy, cool, fashion forward, designer cut, high quality T’s.
Unlike boxy styled men’s T shirts, these Drag Strip Girl shirts really flatter and compliment a girl’s shape.
They’re hot!
They come in all sizes from small to 3X.
And this giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere in the world.
Dude’s can enter too,
as you’re going to have a wife/girlfriend/sister/neighbor/co-worker/friend
someone you can give it to!

Click Here To Enter To Win!

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