The Smartest Way To Save

Exactly how much fun did you have opening those credit card bills in January?
Stomach churning.

Regardless of how you used or didn’t use the plastic fantastic for Christmas shopping
we still appear to be in a recession
and plenty of us are feeling the financial pinch.

And its not pretty.

New year, new decade.
No time like now to fix the financial track you’re on.

Last year I was given a book called The Smartest Way To Save
by Sam Freshman and Heidi Clingen.

Quite timely really.
All things considered.

This book is full of hundreds of tips to keep you on track financially,
and keep you out of financial ruin.

It is a very easy read, with everything laid out in layman’s terms.
Much of it you already know.
But evidently most of us weren’t acting on that knowledge.
So you can use this one as a guide book or a road map.

It sits on my desk and glares at me when Mr Louboutin calls.

If you’re hurting,
or if hurt might be on your horizon,
you may just want to take a look.

If you want a brighter financial future,
this is a good place to start.

Here are some words of wisdom from the conclusion of the book:

It’s not how much you make;
it’s how much you keep.

It’s not your income that makes you rich;
it’s your savings habits.

It’s not what your money makes of you;
it’s what you make of your money.

It’s not how much you own;
it’s how much you owe.

It’s not what you do;
it’s how you do it.

It’s not your habits that control you;
it’s you who controls your habits.

It’s not what you know;
it’s what you don’t know

It’s not what you start with;
it’s what you end with.

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