How To Do Your Makeup For The Races

Everyone knows I LOVE going to the races.

And so tons of people message me all the time with questions about
how to do their make up for the races.
Nascar, NHRA, IRL, Formula 1.

Dale Earnhardt Jr

Tons of ladies
in the great speedy outdoors
supporting for their favorite driver(s)
while their makeup gets gooey, shiny, or just plain disappears.

Martin Truex Jr

Then there’s the whole equation of how much makeup to put on
and what is too little vs what is too much.

Ashley Force Hood

Funnily enough,
it doesn’t matter what outdoor sporting event you are going to.
Tennis, football, baseball…
The rules are pretty much the same.

And there are some killer cool pro makeup artist products
that make all the difference in the world,
that will never be found in the high dollar marketing viper pit
also known as the department store.

And I’m going to fill you in on them.

In fact, I made you a little movie about it:

There are plenty more tricks that I can show you,
fantastic products to fill you in on,
and fabulous looks,
perfect for a day of racing, or any other sport.

Tony Stewart

If you’d like to know more,
send me a message.
On here or on twitter.

We can make you lots more videos!

Whether you’re there to support Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Martin Truex Jr,
Helio Castrovenes, Scott Dixon, Danica Patrick,
Tony Schumacher, Cory Mac, Antron Brown,
Ron Capps, Jack Beckman or Ashley Force Hood
(or anyone else!)
don’t worry girlfriend,
I got you covered!

Did you see the shirts we were wearing in the video??
Well you can win one!
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There’s not too many days left…



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