Lea Maria Antoinetta!

Now here’s some fun!

We’d been planning a “period piece” shoot for a while.
So the creative team of photographer Kelly Cappelli
hair God Will Zecco, and I cooked up this concept.

The make up had to be paler than pale, with a heavier than heavy brow,
bold red lip, and everything else scaled all the way back.

The whole look hinged on an over the top wig, bigger and bolder than you would typically do.
And Will was the man for the job!
The wig makes it genius.

And I brought my FlipCam UltraHD from the good folks at Flip.com
and recorded some of the sillyness for you.
I couldn’t edit out all the laughing though.

But check this out:

Isn’t it fun???

Here is the final shot

For some reason the video isn’t showing up properly?
You can see it in full width on youtube
on the CorinnaBMakeup channel

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  1. Kristina S.
    April 3, 2010 / 8:42 pm

    behind the scenes looked sooooooo awesome!!!!!!
    good job corrina!!

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