Spring Cleaning

Its spring. Time to ease back a little on the makeup, and get that skin absolutely glowing.
You see, nothing says gorgeous quite like radiant, lovely skin.

So, in pursuit of such skinI decided we should chat about exfoliation
and look at a few of a girls options.

Now we all know about facial scrubs. They typically use rough, sharp edged particles
to scrape off the dead skin sitting on the surface of your lovely face.
I love the concept, but am not a fan.
I always think they scratch the baby skin underneath.

Here’s what I do love:

I’m addicted to my Clarisonic.

Face, throat, decollete, every single day.


I’m all about in home treatments. Two of my absolute favorites are

Kate Sommerville (facialist to the stars) amazing ExfoliKate.
This is an enzyme treatment – my absolute favorite type of exfoliation.
The enzymes literally digest all the dead skin, and leave your visage smooth, firm and beautiful.

This next one has been around for a long time,
and has stayed around because it is so incredibly effective.
Especially brilliant on troubled skin, Philosophy’s Oxygen Peel is a two step process that
clears out and relieves congested pores, then smooths and hydrates,
leaving you absolutely radiant.
Unlike salon or medical peels, you don’t really see peeling skin, and you have no downtime.


In the day spa there are all kinds of fabulous treatments.
I get enzyme treatments at the facialist all the time,
there’s a big range of peels you can choose from
in fact that’s an entire blog post of its own.
I find them a little scary…
But here is an oldie but a goodie

Gommage uses a cream that dries to a paste on the skin.
The facialist then uses her fingers to rub away the dead skin.
Its a tad messy, but if you want seriously firmed skin, pores that look tighter and smaller,
and smooth, smooth, youthful skin,
you’ll absolutely love it.

Another fabulous option at the salon/spa
is microdermabrasion.

A machine is used to spray high grade micro-crystals onto the skin, then vacuum suck them, and the accompanying dead skin back up.
Super effective, you’ll get amazingly smooth skin.
Those with super sensitive skin don’t always love microdermabrasion,
and you leave with a ring of grit in the hair line, nostrils and ears.
Sometimes you get a residual peeling or redness, but its so worth it!

My personal favorite is DermaSweep.
This is in the same family as microdermabrasion, but this one uses a special brush head instead of crystals, and is fabulous for even the most sensitive of skins.
The treatment is in two parts. First the exfoliation, then an infusion of a skin care solution specific to your skins needs is pumped into your skin.
The treatment is quick, and you walk out the door looking amazing.
I did a post on DermaSweep a few months ago.
Click Here.

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  1. April 26, 2010 / 6:58 pm

    All I can say is HOORAY to Corinna and Boo to the over the counter facial scrubs with seeds or shells in them!! Especially when they are marketed to kids with acne!

    I would like to add to your post. One of my favorite products is PCA. I think because of the value factor when it comes to the pocket book. Also, their peels and skin treatments are divine!! And the less "customized" products can be used by the guys in your life too. My Boyfriend and I use many of their products and than we are different with some of their moisturizers and so on.

    Another product that is awesome is baking soda..yes baking soda. 3x a week I add a Tblsp to my cleanser and make a paste, I wash my skin with it and rinse it off. I recommend that this is done at night before retiring since your Ph, rebalances at night!

    And heck yes to Enzymes and Micro!

    I am soo glad you brought this all up Corinna!! People dont realize how easy it is to keep their skin clean and clear!

    Angel in Scottsdale

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