How To Keep Your Wedding Makeup Gorgeous On A Hot Summer’s Day

I have my own beauty column and write articles for several bridal magazines,
so I got to thinking that maybe we should devote some space here on the blog
to our lovely brideys.

The great thing about everything to do with bridal makeup, is that it all also applies to those of us who are not about to take the matrimonial plunge.

The same tricks that bring magic to a wedding makeup are sensational for any type of event.

So even if you are like me, and would prefer water boarding to another spin at holy matrimony,
don’t dismiss the Bride’s Corner postings – you’ll learn some cool
and very useful tricks.

So here are 10 Tricks To Keep A Bride Looking Cool On A Hot Summer’s Day

1. A great facial the week of the wedding will remove dead cells and debris from the surface of the skin, nourish and hydrate it, and leave you looking and feeling fabulous!

2. Drink TONS of water throughout the week leading up to the event.
It will help with bloating, stress and stress headaches, help alleviate under eye circles, and really help to keep your skin hydrated – one of the most important keys to a really beautiful complexion and gorgeous makeup.

3. Make sure your skin is well moisturized at least 20 minutes before makeup (if not more).
If your skin doesn’t have enough moisture it will go after the moisture in your makeup, leaving it looking patchy, dry and separated.

4. Use a primer.
After your moisturizer has soaked all the way in, and before you apply foundation, apply a primer, taking special care to make sure your T Zone is well coated.
This will help makeup to adhere, stay even, and last much longer. It also helps you to stay a little more matte and a little less shiny for much longer.

5. Hire a professional makeup artist who uses airbrush makeup.This is the most technologically advanced, high performance makeup available. Why settle for anything less? It will last all day and night, won’t melt or sweat, gives perfect, even coverage leaving you flawless with a super sheer finish.

6. Use a finishing spray to double down on your base staying flawless and set for hours on end!
My faves are Face Atelier’s amazing Face Finish and Makeup Forever’s Mist & Fix

7. Keep blotting papers or rice papers with you to lift away any surface oil or shine should it still make it through. If you keep adding powder to take away shine you’ll just create an unnecessary layer of makeup that becomes increasingly visible.

8. Invest in a killer waterproof mascara and a sealing product to make eyeliner waterproof. Even if you’re not the weepy type, the area around the lower lash line does tend to get extra moist, thus tempting your liner and mascara to go wandering or just disappear. I swear by Makeup Forever’s Eye Seal.

9. Keep an eye on your lips. Bubbled up, gooey or broken down lipstick just look plain icky. If your lips look anything less than kissable, remove your lipstick/lip gloss with a folded kleenex, and reapply, making sure the inner line where your lips meet is clear, and doesn’t have any build up.

10. When all else fails, smile! No matter how hot and humid it is, no matter how uncomfortable you are, nothing lights up the room quite like a dazzling, gorgeous smile!

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