Its The Mighty Aphrodite!

So we’re in that interesting spacewhere the cold weather is mostly over,

we’re wearing lighter, more fun clothes,
but we don’t yet have that lovely summer color to our skin.

In other words, time to bring out the bronzer.

Bronzer is one of the most divine, yet hideously misused makeup products ever invented.
So bad it makes you cringe.

So here are some tips for truly gorgeous bronzer.

1. Bronzer is for a quick summer overhaul. Its all about a lighter, fresher, sun-kissed look,
not a dark, “colored in” look.

2. Always be very light handed when applying bronzer. Its easy to add more, but trickly to take away if you’ve put on too much.

3. Bronzer should be lightly applied to the areas that the sun would naturally hit if you were outside all day. Your forehead, across the upper cheekbones and bridge of the nose,
and over the flat part of your chin.

4. Use a densely packed brush, like a kabuki brush, and after tapping the excess product off, use a swirling motion to apply, working from the outside of the face in toward the middle.

5. Your choice of product is as crucial as your application technique. The heavy yellows and browns that make up the average bronzer can really make the skin look dull, lifeless and aged. (especially if over-applied).

I just HAD to put in a pic of the beautiful Kim Kardashian!

My personal faves??

I have used Guerlain’s Terracotta Powder in my kit since the beginning of time.
And for the past few months I’ve been loving all over the amazing Aphrodite by Julie Hewett.

This one is particularly fabulous because of the way it wears (beautifully, evenly and long lasting) the color, which is exquisite – not too heavy, not too brown, and also because of the faint shimmer it has. It’s like a bronze shimmer of glamor and gold.
The shimmer is extra fab as it stops the skin from looking dulled, and instead makes it look fresh and alive.
And skin that looks alive, also looks youthful.

So bronze up beautifully ladies!



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