Tracie Martyn Super Skin Care

One of my absolute all time favorite skin care systems is the combination of
Tracie Martyn’s amazing
Enzyme Exfoliant and Firming Serum
In fact, I’m re-ordering them today, which is what made me think of telling you about them.

So, first up is the Enzyme Exfoliant

Powerful enzymes, botanical skin lighteners and balanced fruit acids
gently resurface the skin, soften fine lines and wrinkles, minimize large pores
and safely lighten the complexion.
This product also calms the skin and reduces redness and sensitivity.
It contains a natural antibiotic action that prevents breakouts,
it oxygenates the skin, which really revitalizes it.
Cell renewal is stimulated and vital nutrients restore a youthful skin.
All in one magic little jar.

After the Enzyme Exfoliant is done, you applythe Firming Serum.

This one lifts and firms, strengthens the collagen network which improves elasticity,
does all kinds of repair work (you see instant results),
it hydrates the skin by minimizing water loss,
it contains a powerful antioxidant
It transforms and brightens the skin,
and improves the texture of the skin.

It actually does a bunch of other things too, but you get the picture.

And don’t just take my word for it.
Here is a list of celebs who use and swear by these products too:
Sandra Bullock
Kate Winslet
Renee Zellweger
Susan Sarandon
Liv Tyler
Rachel Weisz
Kelly Ripa
Sharon Osbourne
Julieanne Moore

not just for the ladies, Brad Pitt also loves them.
And things seem to have worked out quite well for him…

Apparently Sandie B likes to give the set as a gift.
My introduction to these fabu-products was as a gift too.
And I’ve never looked back.




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