The Bag Snob – Hermes Picotin Lock

Sometimes after a long day, I like to scroll through the latest finds 

at the Bag Snob

The not only showcase every fabulous bag to hit the market,

but their editorial is so fabulous.

I want to be them.

I had to copy and paste what they wrote about this gorgeous Hermes Picotin Lock Tote

because I would so love to say these same words.

I would love to tell you I was throwing a bottle of Pinot Grigio in my Picotin to take on a picnic with friends.

And I would love this bag.

A lot.

The Picotin bag is unlined (thus the ‘lower’ price point for Hermes) but you can not beat its large bucket style (not to mention the durability of Hermes leather and handstitching) when you need to throw bottles of water, snacks, toys, magazines, yet still look semi-chic. The Picotin Lock has several sizes but I prefer the GM (this is the medium size– Kelly got a bigger), it even holds a bottle of Pinot Grigio for a picnic with friends! You can also get the original Picotin without a lock but it’s not as cute plus the heaviness of the big lock help keep the open tote semi-closed. I love traveling with it, too as it may be squished, folded and stuffed without damage. It’s not perfect, though. The square bottom makes it hard to carry on my shoulder but it’s fine in the crook of the arm or handheld.
Hermes Picotin Lock Bag for $2,950

lovely, non?



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