Travel Packing 101

As I’m about to get global again in the next few days

it seemed like the perfect time to 

start talking about packing skincare & makeup for travel.

Whether that’s business travel, vacation travel

or destination honeymoon travel,

in the end it’s all the same

and you use the same set of tricks to make it all work.

We’ve all had those icky travel experiences where items get broken,

spill, or go missing.

The moment your bags are out of your sight on the airline conveyor belt, they are being thrown around, dropped, getting heavier bags dumped on them – you name it – they’re getting worked over.

So its crucial that your makeup and skin care is packed properly

and is well protected.

This starts with well structured, well built cosmetic bags that don’t allow your products to move around.

I personally use travelbags from Stephanie Johnson

 These beautiful bags have detachable inner pouches.

I use the see through pouches in my carry on bags.

Perfect for the security xray machines, they save your products from rolling around and getting lost.

Lipsticks, lipglosses, any mini skin care items you want to take onboard with you are easy to see.

When you get to your destination, just snap them back into the main bag. Its brilliant! Nothing ever gets lost.

You can easily and efficiently separate off your skin care and makeup items, and pack them firmly into the inner bags.

Nothing moves around,

you get to your destination intact.

I’ve used these bags on and in magazine articles.

They come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes,

and different patterns too.

the La Paz set has a blue and white tribal print, with hues of gold and lime, inspired by the ancient Incans.


The Cancun features white coral on a peach laminated canvas with turquoise grosgain trim

Mumbai Yellow has brilliant gold stars against a background of ornate metallic gold bengaline, with vibrant bursts of yellow.

There are tons more to choose from too.

I would love to take credit for finding these, 

but they are actually a celebrity favorite

found in the hotel bathrooms of most of the celebs

I work with.

In closing:

*find well structured bags that enable you to keep your things packed in tightly.

* use bags that can be wiped clean easily

* use bags that let you separate your products and keep grouped items together.

* have more fun than you ever thought possible 

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