Bronzer 101

I adore bronzer.

Its one of the best makeup items ever invented.

Just so happens its also the most abused,

the most wrongly used,

the most downright scary to see.

So, seeing as tis the season for it,

lets go over a little Bronzer 101.

* Get the right color.

Not all bronzers are created equal. You need one specific to your coloring.

Fair skins should look for a pale beige with rosy gold undertones, to add warmth and some light to the complexion.

Olive skins need deep tans with gold undertones, dark skins need more red undertones.

Don’t go darker than you would look with a natural tan.

Keep it transparent – you should be able to see your freckles through the bronzer, otherwise its too opaque.

*Don’t overshimmer

A little shimmer can make the skin look vibrant and alive.

But be careful. Too much shimmer draws attention to the flaws in your skin

and in the heat can make you look greasy/oily/shiny.

If you’re using a bronzer with shimmer, make sure the flecks are very small, and apply it sparingly.

Best used at night rather than out in the sunshine during the day…

*Don’t overdo it

The most common mistake is over applying bronzer.

It should land where the sun would hit you, which is across the broad flat plains of the face.

Forehead, upper cheekbones, bridge of the nose and the chin.

I like to hit the collar bones a little, and work the bronzer into the hairline, and the jawline just a little.

Whatever you do, don’t color the face in with bronzer – it will look like a mask. 

Or like Magda from Something About Mary.

*Don’t confuse bronzer with blusher

There is absolutely nothing fabulous at all about seeing dark brown stripes on someones cheeks.

Blush is for cheeks, bronzer is to give a little warmth and sunkissed color to the skin.

*Choose a formula that works for you

For most of us that means use a pressed powder bronzer, with a large fluffy brush.

Tap the excess off the brush before you start.

Loose powders, gels and creams leave way too much room for error for most of us.

Get super good at applying bronzer before leaving the pressed powder option.     

makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic gets it right with Kim Kardashian everytime

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