Eric The Vampire, All The Way From Australia

While I was in Australia this summer,

I was avidly reading their fabulous magazines,

especially Grazia (,

where I found this fun piece on our favorite vampire:

10 Things We Love About 

Alexander Skarsgard

Pictures pilfered from the internet

1. Series 3 of True Blood reveals more about Eric

“its all about vengence. You find out early on that 1000 

years ago Eric lost someone – now he’s getting the 

opportunity to avenge that death”. 


2. He loves getting naked.

“I’m from Sweden… its different there. If it makes sense,

I’ll do it – and its made sense everytime I’m naked on 

the show.” Note to producers: More please!

3. A child star in Sweden he stopped acting

because he hated fame, but then decided while in the marines

to try it again. “In the marines it was mentally and physically

very tough – I hated it.”


4. He makes vampires look like the good guys.

“Alex is gorgeous. The camera loves him,” says True Blood producer Alan Ball. “He’s a sweetheart – he brings the role to life.”

Damn Straight! 

5. When Lady Gaga asked him

to be in her Paparazzi music video he had no idea 

who she was and had never heard her music


6. Although his dad is actor Stellan

Skarsgard of Mama Mia fame, the family were poor when he was a child.For years his favorite toy was a drum kit he made out of tea caddies.

(personally, I can’t quite picture a drum kit made out of tea caddies…)

7. He’s won the Sexiest Man

in Sweden accolade 

Five Times!! 

OK we can’t think of too many other famous, sexy

Swedes, but still he most definitely gets our vote!

( and I concur…)


8. His next projects will be

Battleship ( a big screen version of the board game), Melancholia co-starring Kirsten Dunst and dad Stellan

and Straw Dogs opposite girlfriend Kate Bosworth 

9. He’s a romantic.

He says it will ‘rain in hell” before he is unfaithful

(really??) notices a girls eyes before he notices

anything else, and claims he inherited his charm from

his grandmother.


10. He has simple pleasures.

“My favorite things are fishing and lying in front of the fire, drinking red wine”

If only we could do that with you Alexander!



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  1. July 27, 2010 / 2:36 pm

    All I can say is 'reeeer…. pht, pht!' And, I'm going to believe him when he says he looks at the eyes first and that he'll never be unfaithful. Surely there are more than a handful of those types on this planet….

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