Travel Packing 102: Essential Skin Care Items For The Girl On The Go!

In Travel Packing 101 we sorted out the perfect glam getaway beauty bags,

now we need to figure out what essential skin care items have to go with us, and how to pack them.

First up: pack everything down to travel size! No full size heavy bottle of lotions and potions.

Streamline what you’re bringing, and put it into plastic travel sized bottles and jars.

Some companies make travel sizes of their key products.

travel pack skin care from Hylunia and Rhonda Allison products from 

The Southwest Institute Of Natural Aesthetics in Tempe AZ

Image by Lilet & Glenn Hamp ofLightRain Images

Essential Skin Care Items For The Girl On The Go

* Cleanser.

Choose a gentle cleanser that both cleans the skin and dissolves makeup.

* Eye Makeup Remover pads if you’re planning on wearing waterproof mascara

* Eye Cream

You’ll never keep looking youthful without it!

* Daytime Moisturizer

Specific to the climate you’re going to. Dry climates require different products to humid climates

* Daily Facial SPF product

This is not the SPF you use at the beach. This is everyday, walking around, Facial SPF

*Night time Moisturizer

Don’t even think about going without it! Night time is when your skin does all its youthful repair work.

* Booster product

Extra hydration if you’re getting dried out, such as a serum.

Extra deep cleansing help if you’re in humidity to avoid or clear breakouts

* Rescue Product

When things go awry, as in unexpected sunburn, windburn, or irritation

Hylunia’s Colloidal Silver Spray gives instant relief.

You can get it in travel size too!

Look for products that multitask.

Face Atelier created Melt for the savvy traveler.

It cleanses, dissolves makeup, and gives your skin some extra treatment love in one simple yet lovely step!

Other great ideas for the traveling girl are single serve skin care capsules.

Dermalogica’s amazing Multivitamin Power Firm capsules give your face some intense night time love.

Just pack one capsule for each night you’re away.

Philosophy’s Booster Caps can be added to your night cream to, well, boost it!

If your skin is looking gorgeous, you will too!

all images courtesy of LightRain Images

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