Beach Time Anyone?

Already August is upon us,

and for some of us the last beach excursions

are looming like a lover about to leave.

So whats a girl to pack?

Don’t worry, I came up with some ideas for you…

Jantzen has been the purveyor of all kinds of fun this season.

I love this maillot and cover up

perfect to BBQ in, non?

Next you need to accessorize:

Tres chic hat from Helen Kaminski

and a Helen Kaminski beach tote

I love this whole raffia thing. And the bag is big enough to hold a chilled bottle of wine and a good book.

Tory Burch brings the perfect sandal

 Now some earrings to brighten your look

Big, bold and turquoise

Speaking of bold, lets do a bright pink glossy lip

Feeling bloated? I found these in a magazine.

Haven’t tried them, but they look intriguing

They’re called Tummy Tuck Sticks.

And a little SPF that will leave you smelling lovely

Perfect n’est ce pas?

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