Beat The Heat – Makeup That Stays On

Today’s segment on SheKnowsTV Daily Dish is all about makeup that works in the heat.

Basically there are two different dynamics at play.

1. When the air gets dry the skin gets red, dries out and gets a very lackluster, uneven suface with rough patches. It gets difficult to have your makeup look even and flawless.

2. When the humidity kicks in it turns up the oil production in skin. Your complexion gets greasy and shiny and it becomes difficult to get makeup to stay on.

So a girl needs a few good tricks up her sleeve. I pulled some really cool products out of my makeup kit that help you beat the heat. These are items that I use both on shoots, and on myself.

No Foundation Foundation from Perricone MD is a fabulous option when you don’t want to wear foundation. It evens out your complexion, and gives the skin a lovely dewy finish. You can use it under a foundation or by itself.

When you do have to wear a foundation on a hot day, the prepping that you do underneath is crucial.
If your skin is dry, or you’re in a very dry place HD Elixir from Makeup Forever gives your skin an instant hydration boost, and will stop your foundation from crackling up like an alligator. Which is never a good look.

If you’resomewhere humid, or if you tend to get more oil and shiny, you need a mattifying product to help cut down the sheen. I use All Mat by Makeup Forever

I also use the Makeup Forever HD Primer, which really helps foundation to hold.

When it comes to foundation and beating the heat, my main advice is to avoid powder foundations and crushed mineral foundations if you are somewhere very dry, or if your skin is dry. They will make you look like a lizard!
If you are somewhere humid, they can be your saving grace.

I love cream blush on hot summer days – it helps to keep you looking fresh and luminous.

For your eye makeup, look to something waterproof. I use the Makeup Forever Aqua Cream colors all the time. They are sheer, buildable color that canbe as pale and translucent as you want, or can go to full Lady Gaga style instensity. They come in 22 colors, so you have lots of options. After about 90 seconds they go waterproof, so you can swim, sweat, or play in a rain shower and still look fabulous! The Aqua Liners work in the same way.

Another great option to help your makeup stay is to use a finishing product.
Spritz Face Atelier’s Face Finish over your makeup and it will last all day long.

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