The Perfect Khaki Eye

Fall eye shadows are typically nothing to get too excited about. 
Most years we see the same old beiges, browns and berries, and it leaves us a little uninspired.

Fall/Winter 2010 however, brings a little excitement to the makeup table, in the form of Khaki.

Khaki is huge this season! The 2010 Khakis are a little more complex than their predecessors, a little more interesting, but still require a few good tricks to make them look sensational.

1) Be really well concealed and color corrected under the eyes. Use pinky/peachy toned color correctors to cancel out the blue/gray tones. Applying an ivory or vanilla concealer will just make the under eye look ashy and gray. The murky depths of a khaki shadow can leave you looking tired if you’re not well cleaned up under the eyes.

2) Khaki shadow looks best when you’re wearing a full cover, luminous foundation. The olive undertones in khaki can make the skin look sallow, so fire up your most beautiful base, and breathe some life into your autumn cheeks with a fresh hued blush.

3) Look for khakis with deeper green hues. Don’t go too pale or too olive as these can give a very bruised look. Depth in color will make your eye look more robust.

4) Avoid flat shadows – go for something with a gold shimmer to it. My favorites this season are Chanel Vert Khaki and Bobbi Brown Forest, both of which have a delicious metallic golden sheen to them, reflecting gold and emerald without being frosted. This immediately wakens and enlivens the eye, while maintaining smoking smoldering intensity.

5) If you have flat olives or browns in your makeup drawer, bring them to life by mixing metallic coppers or bronzes with them, or laying a shimmering gold shadow over top. A good gold shadow creates all kinds of options to reinvent shadows that are looking old or dull.

6) The best way to wear a khaki shadow is as a smoky, moody eye, well blended and with a bold but buffed out liner and tons of mascara.


  1. October 27, 2010 / 3:06 pm

    Takes khaki up a notch. Thanks for sharing. You look fabulous!!

  2. August 3, 2011 / 9:21 pm

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    sure this is the best collection of smokey eyemakeup 2011 i have ever seen keep it up …

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