Playing Naked

Wearing a nude lip can be even trickier than wearing a bright red one. And both are huge this season, so today we are looking at how to wear your lip nudie rudie style.

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 A nude lip can leave you looking washed out, so unless you are a forlorn, waif-like supermodel, lounging around and looking moody, you need a couple of tricks up your sleeve to really pull this one off to perfection.

Ashley Olson looking like perfection in a nude lip

A nude lip is at its very best when paired with a smudgy, smokey eye. If you’re not in the mood for a sultry eye, at least use eyeshadow and liner with some depth to them. Deep, muted mocha’s and berries are a lovely balance to a nude lip.

When the lip is a pale naked, the expanse of skin from the lower lash line to the chin can look like a never ending sea of uninspired beige. This takes away all sense of dimension and proportion, and leaves a girl looking a little flat, so counterbalance the pale lip with a warmly infused cheek. At this time of year utilize the gorgeous autumnal hues widely available, and give your cheek a slightly flushed resonance.

Kate Hudson’s warm cheeks are the perfect compliment to her nude lip

Choose a lipliner that is flesh toned and just slightly deeper than your own lip color. A liner that is your own color or lighter will make the dimension disappear from all but the largest, fullest lips.

Kim Kardashian in a nude lip at a shoot in Australia

Avoid high glosses. A naked lip should have a subtle sheen, keeping the pout looking moisturized and kissable. Don’t go too matte or too shiny.

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