Black Orchid, Black Magic

One of the things I love most about this time of year (apart from all the presents, parties and gluttony) is the profusion of truly decadent, dark flowers. My favorite Black Magic roses hit their sultry, mysterious stride, with hues that resonate more depth than at any other time of year.

This season I am feeling the slightly gothic, incredibly deviant lure of the Black Orchid.

 Elusive, sexy, a little bit kinky, a little bit wrong.

Completely alluring.

Sexiest man on earth, Tom Ford is feeling their siren song too.

Ford has released a Limited Edition Black Orchid Collection

which includes a deep plum lipstick and matching nail polish, 

as well as a solid version of his Black Orchid fragrance.

“I created the fragrances using the blackest orchid I could find, and notes that are spicy, slightly peppery and incredibly rich” says Ford who considers the reddish plum lips and nail polish “dark, bold and exotic”.
Which is reason enough to buy them, even without trying them first.

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